Cole Brown

Cole Brown

  • "There are gripping anecdotes and keen observations, sometimes from his perspective and sometimes from those of others he interviews... Brown’s valuable perspective highlights the many grievances felt by those who are successful and Black in America."

    The New York Times

  • "The Black experience in America is complex and Greyboy shines a light on the unique challenges that come with us achieving success."

    Sean "Diddy" Combs

    Entertainment Mogul, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
  • "In the pages of Greyboy, a world of access and angst is revealed with alarming honesty and insightfulness. If you have ever struggled with the anxiety of being the only or the isolation of living between two spaces, this book is a must read!"

    Queen Latifah

    Rapper, Actress, Singer, Producer
  • "Penetrating and insightful! Greyboy opened my eyes to the world my son was raised in."

    Andre Harrell

    Hip-Hop Pioneer, Founder, Uptown Records
  • "So vivid are the blurred lines of identity. And though he may feel gray, I felt very Black, and at one with Cole on his journey in navigating the world as an African American."

    Misty Copeland

    Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre
  • "Greyboy captures the complexity of what it means to live 'between' in vivid detail with uncompromising honesty."

    Anthony Anderson

    Actor, Black-ish
  • "Cole Brown speaks to issues of race and identity with uncompromising honesty and depth. He challenges the reader... no forces the reader to reconsider their notions of what it means to live Black in America. "

    Doc Rivers

    Head Coach, Philadelphia 76ers
  • "...a heartfelt and insightful debut memoir… Brown’s lyrical prose makes this coming-of-age story a pleasure to read."

    Publishers Weekly

    "The bible of the book business"
  • "GREYBOY was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work–Debut Author! "

    52nd NAACP Image Awards

Cole Brown is a Philly kid; he matured in the city's predominately white private schools and neighborhoods. During his undergraduate years at Georgetown University, Cole began writing his first book, Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World. Today, Cole splits his time between Sydney, Australia, and New York.

Greyboy is a collection of introspective essays that follows the journey of Black identity when subsumed in an environment of white privilege.

Greyboy asks an important question: What is Blackness? It also provides the answer: Much more than you thought, dammit.

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